How do I export my subscribers after I uploaded them?

Subscriber details can be downloaded as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file or a tab-delimited text file.

If you have multiple lists, each one has to be downloaded as a separate file.

To export your subscriber lists from Campaign Monitor:

  1. Click Lists & subscribers.
  2. Click on a list name to open the list details page, then in the right sidebar, click Export subscribers.
  3. Use the Export menu to select the type of subscribers you want to download, for example, “Active Subscribers” only or “All Subscribers”.
  4. Choose your preferred file type: CSV or tab-delimited.
  5. Select which subscriber fields to include in the download
  6. Click Export Subscribers to download the file.

See Campaign Monitor’s guide for how to export lists here.

Last updated November 2021

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