How do I remove subscribers from receiving future campaigns?

Any subscribers who unsubscribe from your campaigns will automatically be removed from your active list(s), and future campaigns will not be sent to them.

You can also manually remove subscribers individually, or perform a bulk removal by changing their status to either “Deleted” or “Unsubscribed”. Their reporting data and subscriber profile will be preserved.

Changing a subscriber’s status to:

  • Deleted — Removes them from the current list, but will not add them to the suppression list. If the subscriber resubscribes, they will automatically be returned to “Active” status.
  • Unsubscribed — Removes them from either the current list or all lists, depending on the list’s unsubscribe settings. If it’s set to “all lists”, the subscriber will also be added to the suppression list.

See Campaign Monitor’s guide for a step-by-step overview on how to remove subscribers.

Last updated November 2021

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