I don’t have sales to share, will I be removed from the program?

Sharing closed sales is a requirement of your participation in the OneAffiniti program.

The vendor(s) sponsoring your participation want to know if/how their marketing support is helping you generate more business. While we understand that you may have some months with little or no sales, it is important to share with us any recent sales you’ve made so we can continue to secure support with your vendor for your involvement in our monthly marketing program.

If you are having issues with generating pipeline or closing sales, you can let us know via a quick form we include in your monthly reminders or let your Partner Marketing Consultant know.

Sharing feedback on the current sales challenges you’re facing allows us to:

  1. Source additional resourcing for you if available from the vendor
  2. Find alternate avenues for meeting RoI to help continue support for your participation

Note: Partners who don’t share any sales data or have not submitted in 6+ months are most at risk of being removed from the program. Vendors do have the right to remove partners at any time and typically replace low-participating partners to allow new partners the opportunity to benefit.

Learn more about how and why to report sales here or set up a call with your Partner Marketing Consultant to talk about options.

Closed sales reporting is not required for Insurance and Finance Programs

Last updated November 2021

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